AntiMicrobialWASH Manual Dispensers


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Keep your hands germ-free to protect fellow staff members and patients using this AntiMicrobialWASH5™ antibacterial hand sanitizer dispenser by DebMed®. Dispense the antimicrobial foaming soap easily with either your hand or elbow using the large push bar. This manual sanitizer dispenser has universally understood picture instructions and is transparent for easy monitoring of soap levels. It takes 1L cartridges. The casing is only opened by key to prevent unauthorized access. The AntiMicrobialWASH manual dispenser has a built-in defense against bacteria and mold thanks to the Biocote® silver ion coating. This coating is permanent so it doesn't wear off over time.

  • AntiMicrobialWASH antibacterial hand sanitizer dispenser is suitable for clinics, hospitals, doctors offices and more
  • It dispenses the antimicrobial foaming soap, which comes in 1L cartridges
  • It has Biocote silver ion coating to prevent the growth of broad-spectrum bacteria and mold

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