Akro-Mils Width Dividers for AkroBins


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Create adjustable-size compartments with a 6-pack of Akro-Mils® width dividers for use with the AkroBin® storage system. Choose between three sizes suitable for use with three popular AkroBin styles. This storage system provides versatile containers you can stack, hang or use on a stand-alone basis. Enhance organization by creating smaller compartments you can adjust on the fly with these Akro-Mils bin dividers. They allow one bin to hold multiple inventory items in one container. Order divider 41250 for 30250 and 41270 for 30270.

  • Upgrade storage and inventory systems with width dividers for the AkroBin storage system
  • Choose from three sizes of Akro-Mils bin divider 6-packs suitable for use with popular AkroBin sizes
  • Partition containers to sort multiple inventory items in one bin

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