Akro-Mils Small Bin Cup 2"L x 3.25"W x 3"H - Pack of 48


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Create individual removable compartments when storing supplies with Akro-Mils® small bin cups 2 in.L x 3.25 in.W x 3 in.H - pack of 48. These bin cups fit into 3-in. high Akro-Mils shelf bins, allowing you to keep different products separate. With a 48-pack of storage bins, large companies can accommodate all storage needs.

With a smooth design, it's easy to lift bin cups from Akro-Mils shelf bins when transporting supplies. White color gives bin cups a professional look, which is fitting for medical establishments. Browse CeilBlue™ to find storage supply accessories, such as Akro-Mils carts, which enable quick product transport. 

What are some uses for small bin cups?
Individuals can order plastic shelf storage bin cups for assembly and sorting processes in small or large storage facilities. Their 4-in. height makes them suitable for use on standard or steel shelving.

What are the advantages of using plastic storage supplies?
The benefits of plastic shelf storage bins and bin cups include resistance to water, oil and rust. Durable plastic material offers crack resistance, which prevents damage while using Akro-Mils grid storage bins and bin cups. 

  • Keep items in AkroBins® separate by using Akro-Mils small bin cups 2 in.L x 3.25 in.W x 3 in.H - pack of 48
  • These bin cups are compatible with all 3-in. high AkroBins in the collection
  • Bin cups feature a smooth design, which makes it easy to lift them from shelf storage bins
  • Functions of plastic shelf storage bin cups are sorting and assembly of products 
  • Plastic polymer material offers rust resistance, and it also protects plastic shelf bin contents from water and grease
  • Durable bin cups from Akro-Mils don't crack under standard use, so you can load them to the top
  • The white hue gives bin cups a professional and aesthetic look

Store tools and supplies in an orderly fashion with heavy-duty Akro-Mils bin cups.

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