Akro-Mils Shelf Bin 30170 - 11.63"L x 11.13"W x 4"H - Pack of 12


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

You need places to put all the relevant things in your practice, and the Akro-Mils® shelf bins 11.63 in.L x 11.13 in.W x 4 in.H are a terrific fit for practitioners looking to improve their organization. These bins are much more long-lasting than normal corrugated bins. This way, you can provide storage space for your practitioners and patients without needing to worry about your bins breaking down. You will also not need to worry about needing to buy new bins repeatedly, as these Akro-Mils shelf bins will hold up over a longer time.

This Akro-Mils bin rack is a great addition to a practice that is looking for durable storage supplies. It has such a durable construction, you can load the bins without needing to worry about the Akro-Mils grid storage bins spreading or cracking. These polypropylene stackable storage bins provide a nice look for your practice, not to mention durability. You can also put these Akro-Mils storage bins on shelving units to provide additional storage.

Will grease or oil negatively affect these storage bins?

Grease and oil have no effect on this storage system, which is also waterproof.

Can I put these bins in a shelving unit for more storage?

You can fit these bins in 12-in., 18-in. or 24-in. deep vertical storage units to provide the maximum amount of storage.


  • You can give your staff a better way of storing things with this packs of 12 Akro-Mils shelf bins, 11.63 in.L x 11.13 in.W x 4 in.H
  • No need to worry about purchasing new bins continually because these hold up to pressure
  • These bins fit very well with vertical storage units for even more storage
  • Polypropylene storage bins look great with any practice's decor
  • An ideal alternative to corrugated bins

You can look at the CeilBlue® range of medical organization supplies to find something that fits your practice's needs.

Orders for this item typically ship within 5 business days.

Customer Review Summary

Some customer reviews say that the material of Akro-Mils® shelf bins is bendable, which could be problematic when carrying heavy items. Still, 90% agree that AkroBin® stackable shelf bins offer value in terms of storage and categorization of products. There's no minimum order quantity to simplify large storage bin orders. 

Only 25% of reviews highlight capacity issues with these bins, however, most opinions say that they're convenient for storing office products. In case a shelf bin doesn't meet your requirements, there's the 30-day satisfaction guarantee policy.    

There are minor concerns about the bin color not having the correct hue, but 80% of customer reviews still vouch for this durable shelf storage product. Fast service from CeilBlue® speeds up ordering processes, ensuring that office managers get their storage equipment in a timely manner.

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