Akro-Mils Shelf Bin 30110 - 11.63"L x 2.75"W x 4"H - Pack of 24


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Improve workflow by handling inventory with the Akro-Mils® shelf bin 2.75 in.W x 4 in.H x 11.63 in.L - pack of 24. Many Akro-Mils shelf bins work with vertical storage and retrieval units, shelving stands and pick racks to create efficient bin storage systems. This 24-piece set of Akro-Mils storage bins features one-piece construction for optimal resistance to chemical and moisture penetration. Made of industrial-grade polymers, each bin withstands frequent and heavy use with its durable and robust structure.

Storage containers feature an open hopper front for easy retrieval of tools or supplies needed to complete tasks. An integrated rear hang lock also fastens to an AkroBin rack or panel to free up floor space. Available in blue, green, red, semi-clear and yellow, these multiple color selections let you color-code bins for effective organization. A wide front label slot on each bin also makes it easy to add bar codes and tags for quick identification. Providing clear labels ensures that employees or staff find the correct items fast to minimize workflow interruptions.

Designed to nest when empty, these Akro-Mils containers insert neatly into another unit to maximize space. These stackable storage bins also accommodate bin cups, which lift out easily for convenient transport. Placing cups inside 4-in. high storage bins create smaller compartments for segregating related stocks. Deliver flexible storage options with a full range of Akro-Mils shelf bins and medical organization supplies at CeilBlue™.

What is the load capacity of these bins?

Heavy-duty Akro-Mils storage bins provide optimal support with their 7-lb. load capacity. Even with a full load, the bins prevent cracking and bulging to hold their shape under normal conditions.

Can the bins withstand low temperatures?

These shelf bins work in temperatures down to minus 20 degrees Fahrenheit, which makes them ideal for cold storage rooms and facilities.

Features and benefits:

  • The Akro-Mils shelf bin 2.75 in.W x 4 in.H x 11.63 in.L 24-piece set helps manage inventory for improved workflow 
  • The bins combine with shelving stands, racks and vertical storage units for versatile use
  • A one-piece construction resists water and chemicals for maximum protection
  • Industrial-grade polymers enhance durability and structural integrity to stand up to daily wear
  • An open hopper front makes it easy to access contents
  • A rear hang lock attaches to panels or racks to optimize floor area
  • Multiple color options enable color-coding schemes for easy organization
  • A labeling slot accepts bar codes and tags for quick identification
  • The bins nest when not in use to save valuable space
  • Bin cups fit into the shelf bins for expanded storage options

Choose Akro-Mils shelf bins and Akro-Mils grid storage bins as an alternative to flimsy corrugated cardboard containers to save on costs.

Customer Review Summary

Most reviewers were interested in product quality and value. Some complained of a thin, flexible material that wouldn't hold up to heavy-duty use. While some customers expressed concern about the quality of the material, 70% of the buyers felt satisfied with their purchase and 90% said the price was right. Ample storage space, flexible organization options with dividers and overall appearance pleased most buyers. The 30-day satisfaction guarantee makes product returns easy for customers.

Some customers felt the bins weren't very durable. They mentioned low-grade material that wouldn't withstand frequent use. While 15% of reviewers thought the bins wouldn't hold up, 85% said they were just what was needed. The product durability and versatility exceeded expectations. No minimum order quantity and fast, friendly service make it easy to try new items from CeilBlue.

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