Akro-Mils Lid for AkroBin 30230 Clear - Pack of 12


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Make sure that everything from medical organization supplies to important documents are easy to identify and access with the Akro-Mils® lid for AkroBin® 30230. Clear lids are good accessories for offices where bin contents need to be immediately identifiable and accessible, whether they're paper documents or items and objects related to your field. 

This Akro-Mils clear lid helps ensure that whatever goes inside the bin is protected from dirt, dust, grime, moisture and liquid. The clear material makes it easy for staffers to identify bin contents immediately, perfect for businesses where easy and quick access to documents, data and information is essential. 

The lid has integrated hinge pins, making it easy to open and close the bin without difficulty. The lid's one-piece construction makes it easy to put the lid together without using tools, making it suitable for anyone looking for last-minute, easy-to-assemble storage.

What are the dimensions of the bin the lid fits? 

This Akro-Bin lid fits bin model 30230, which is 5.5 in.W x 5 in.H x 10.9 in.L in size. 

Can you stack the bins once attaching the lids?

The bins are stackable even with the lids attached, making it easy for businesses to create streamlined storage.

How many lids come in a pack?

There are 12 lids per pack, suitable for small to medium-sized storage needs. 

Benefits and features:

  • There are 12 Akro-Mils lids for AkroBin 30230 in each package, ideal for the storage needs of offices large and small
  • The Akro-Mils shelf bins stack even when the lids are on, making it easy to create neatly organized storage
  • The hinge pins make it simple to open and close the bins, ideal for busy offices
  • The one-piece construction allows the lid to attach easily to bins without tools

Choose the Akro-Mils plastic medical storage bins with lids for streamlined, organized office storage.

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