Akro-Mils Lid for AkroBin 30220 Clear - Pack of 24


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Make sure that the documents or items that staffers need to run your business are always easily accessible and within view with the Akro-Mils® lid for AkroBin® 30220. Storage bins that have clear lids such as these are a good option for use as office tools like medical storage bins or craft bins.

Clear bin lids like this Akro-Mils clear lid are perfect for storing medical organization supplies because they allow bin contents to be clearly visible, an important need in medical offices. Glimpse inside and pull out what's needed immediately. The lids snap back on easily after use, making it easy to maintain a clean, organized storage area.

The lid helps ensure that the items stored inside the bin remain in pristine condition and free from dirt, grime and dust. The fully integrated hinge pins make it simple to open and close the lid, streamlining ease of use. The lid arrives in one piece, requiring no tools for setup, and there are 24 lids in a single pack.

What size bin does this lid work with?

This Akro-Mils clear lid works with the 30220 bin model, which has dimensions of 4 1/8 in.W x 3 in.H x 7 3/8 in.L.

What's the weight capacity of the bin the lid goes on top of?

The bin can hold up to 10 lbs.

Are the bins still stackable if the AkroBin lid is on?

Yes, Akro-Mils shelf bins stack without a hitch, even if the lids are on. This makes them perfect for creating organized, protected storage.

Features and benefits:

  • The Akro-Mils lids for AkroBins are transparent, allowing the contents within to be clearly visible
  • The lid helps keep the contents of the bin free from dirt and grime
  • There are 24 lids in the package
  • You don't need tools to attach the lid to the bin, making assembly simple
  • The bin holds up to 10 lbs. of items

Use Akro-Mils plastic bins with lids to create a seamless, easily accessible storage system in your office or facility.

Orders for this item typically ship within 5 business days.

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