Akro-Mils Divider Black for 30120 Bins - 24 per pack


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Separate medical organization supplies and various inventory with Akro-Mils® dividers in black, 24 per pack. These Akro-Mils dividers are suitable for different industries such as retail, medical or industrial. If you have plenty of storage space, use the dividers to break down items into sub-categories.

The Akro-Mils crosswise width dividers help companies keep track of important items stored inside Akro-Mils shelf bins by creating separate sections inside the bins. This makes it easy to create multiple pockets and areas for all types of items.

The divider has tabbed legs that slot into the bin, which ensures that the contents remain secure and in place. The black color of the divider helps create neutral-colored division within the box so that the items that are stored inside stand out. 

Which AkroBins are compatible with these dividers?

The divider is compatible with Akro-Mils shelf bins 30120, which are 4 in. high. You can fit a total of seven dividers inside the bin, so that you can use a single storage container for different types of items.

How many dividers come in a pack?

24 dividers are available in a pack, so you can use them with multiple bins, or place several dividers into one bin. Having multiple compartments in a single bin creates order, and it's a time-saving solution.

Features and benefits:

  • Store small items in AkroBins® by using Akro-Mils dividers
  • Durable Akro-Mils dividers in black, 24 per pack, are compatible with Akro-Mils shelf bins 30120
  • With 24 dividers per pack, managers can accommodate large storage facilities
  • The divider slots fit snugly into the storage bin via its tabbed legs, creating sturdy and reliable separation between bin sections
  • The black color creates a neutral division, which makes the contents stand out

Make inventory easily accessible by choosing practical Akro-Mils grid storage bins, shelf bins and other bin designs.

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