Akro-Mils Large Procart Utility Cart


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

The Akro-Mils® Large Procart™ Utility Cart provides workers with a convenient and efficient storage cabinet and workspace on wheels. This easy-to-maneuver cart can cut tight corners even while carrying its maximum payload of 400 lb. Raise the side flaps on the upper platform of the Akro-Mils utility cart to create a box top storage space or lower them for a flat top work area. Add plastic storage bins to the cart for additional versatility and organization options with the rail kit accessory.

  • Use the Akro-Mils Procart as a mobile storage cabinet or workspace
  • Raise and lower the side rails on the upper level to switch between a box top and flat top
  • The Akro-Mils utility cart can comfortably carry up to 400 lb.

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