Akro-Mils AkroBin Stack & Hang Bin 10"H x 11"W x 18"D - Pack of 6


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Ensure industry-leading organization and storage solutions with these Akro-Mils® AkroBins® stack and hang bin 11 in.W x 10 in.H x 18 in.D - pack of 6. Fitting for healthcare settings, medical organization supplies such as AkroBins drive productivity through efficient material handling processes and stock control methods. AkroBins are compatible with Akro-Mils shelving units, louvered panels, racks and rail hanging systems to get supplies off the floor. Whether hung, stacked or used individually, versatile Akro-Mils shelf bins meet varying application needs for optimal flexibility.

Stack and hang AkroBins can withstand rigorous conditions and daily wear to ensure long-term use. An anti-slide stop keeps bins in place when stacked, and reinforced walls prevent bulging under heavy loads. Wide top ledges optimize space, prevent spills and increase stability. For sturdy weight support, a full-width hanger lip fastens firmly to hanging systems. These plastic shelf storage bins feature a curved-bottom hopper front for convenient access and quick item retrieval. A molded slot for cards simplifies label insertions for instant identification.

Handy length dividers let you create partitions for separating items neatly within a single bin. Retainer clips also ensure AkroBins remain attached to louvered panels while in transit. These clips remove easily without leaving any damage on bin or panel surfaces.

What are the color options of stack and hang bins?

Available in packs of six, standard colors for plastic storage containers include semi-clear, black, blue, green, red, stone and yellow. Color-coding with stackable shelf bins makes it easy to organize inventory into individual categories.

What is the bin load capacity when used with Akro-Mils racks?

Stack and hang storage bins offer a 60-lb. load capacity. Under normal conditions, AkroBins maintain structural integrity even when full.

Features and benefits:

  • The Akro-Mils AkroBins stack and hang bin 11 in. x 10 in. x 18 in. boosts productivity through versatile solutions
  • Shelving units, racks, panels and hanging systems accommodate AkroBins for neat and organized workstations
  • Robust plastic construction stands up to tough conditions and heavy-duty use for longevity
  • Reinforced sides and wide ledges ensure safe and stable stacking to save space in the storage room
  • A hanger lip provides full-width support for secure hanging
  • A curved-bottom hopper front facilitates quick access for easy removal of items
  • A molded slot enables insertion of labels and tags for immediate content identification
  • Practical accessories offer customization options to suit a variety of needs and preferences

Invest in durable AkroBins and Akro-Mils grid storage bins to simplify organization and maximize space usage.

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