Akro-Mils AkroBin Stack & Hang Bin 10.88"L x 11"W x 5"H - Pack of 6


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Supply workshops, logistical facilities and other establishments with Akro-Mils® AkroBin® stack and hang bins - pack of 6. The corrosion-proof plastic is resistant to alkali and some weak acids, which increases the shelf life of the bins and makes them an effective storage item in hazardous working environments.

These storage bins are stackable, a useful feature for small establishments with space limitations. Use heavy-duty medical storage bins in professional environments such as hospitals and private practice offices. The durable stacking storage containers handle the stocking of metals, plastic, and other common materials. Another function of these bins is to protect inventory in establishments with high staff numbers.

Can you combine the storage bins with other products?

Stackable storage bins are suitable for use with rail racks, panels, and carts. This allows managers to create a complex and efficient storage system to help save time and increase productivity. 

Are multiple colors of storage bins available?

Yes, you can choose from seven unique colors for color-coding projects, including the semi-clear hue that makes it easy to see contents. Versatile Akro-Mils shelf bins simplify categorization processes in busy offices and warehouses.


  • Accommodate warehouses, medical facilities, and other workplaces with Akro-Mils AkroBin stack and hang bins from CeilBlue™
  • The plastic material is corrosion-resistant, which makes these storage bins fitting for long-term use 
  • Akro-Mils storage bins are resistant to weak acids and alkalis, making them a suitable option for some hazardous workplaces
  • The stackable bins save space in small storage rooms
  • Combine storage bins with panels, carts, or rail racks for efficient use in busy establishments
  • Color options include seven unique hues, which enable color-coding and proper categorization
  • Employees can protect valuable inventory by using stackable storage bins
  • The semi-clear bin model lets you see its contents for convenience

Provide storage solutions for medical organization supplies and other industry items with Akro-Mils bins.

In-stock colors typically ship within 1 business day. Orders for Black, Purple, Red, Stone or Yellow typically ship within 5 business days.

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