Akro-Mils Large Bin Cup 5"W x 2.75"D x 3"H - 24 per pack


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Keep important supplies sorted and easily accessible with these Akro-Mils® large bin cups 5 in.W x 2.75 in.D x 3 in.H. Medical offices and physical therapy practices need to be able to access critical small items quickly and easily, and medical organization supplies like bin cups can help them do it.

Bin cups create sectioned-off compartments inside storage containers like plastic shelf storage bins, making it easy to find stored items. The bin cups lift easily out of the Akro-Mils grid storage bins so that it's easy to place items inside and outside of the boxes as needed.

These bin cups slide perfectly into Akro-Mils plastic shelf bins, making it easy to store bin contents in a neat and organized manner. The industrial-grade plastic material helps ensure that the bin cups last a long time.

What color are the bin cups?

This bin cup is a white, perfect for providing a neutral backdrop for the bin and its contents.

What size is one bin cup?

The bin cup's dimensions are 5 in. x 3 in. x 2.75, perfect for physical therapy accessories. 

Can you fit more than one bin cup in a stackable shelf bin?

Yes, you can fit several bin cups into one bin, allowing you to use one bin to store different types of items. Their smooth finish makes them easy to insert and remove.

How many bin cups come in a pack?

There are 24 bin cups per pack.

Features and benefits:

  • These Akro-Mils large bin cups 5 in.W x 2.75 in.D x 3 in.H make it easy to store and organize storage
  • The white color of the bin cups provides a pleasingly neutral backdrop
  • The bin cup's hard plastic construction helps ensure longevity
  • Packs of 24 cups ensure plenty of storage space for separate items in each Akro-Mils bin
  • A smooth finish lets users quickly insert and remove the bin cups

Use these bin cups in Akro-Mils shelf bins in order to create a streamlined, neat organizational system.

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