Akro-Mils 4-Bin Tiltview Storage Bin 06704


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Akro-Mils® 4-bin TiltView® storage bins tilt out smoothly and are removable for easy cleaning. Bin cups are clear allowing for quick content identification. Secure closure protects from dust. Tilting storage bins are handy on desks and counters. They can attach to steel rails, frames or louvered panels, and are wall mountable. TiltView steel plastic tilt bins save space and allow for high visibility of parts. Each plastic tilt bin unit has labels made of card stock to identify the contents.

  • Inside dimensions of individual Bin Cups - 4-3/4 in. deep x 4-7/8 in. wide x 7-3/8 in. high
  • Outside height: 8-3/16 in.
  • Outside length: 6-3/4 in.
  • Outside width: 23-5/8 in.
  • Weight capacity: 25 lbs.

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