AkroBin 30250 Blue 7 x 16-1/2 x 14-3/4 Bundle with Length Dividers


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Use AkroBin® 30250 Blue Bundle with Length Dividers to accommodate small and large storage rooms. Length dividers ensure a simple categorization of items so that employees don't waste time looking for specific tools. Six bins and six dividers come in each bundle, and they're available in blue and semi-clear colors. Durable plastic material holds heavy items with ease, making them practically unbreakable. Users can stack and hang blue storage bins to save space. AkroBins are autoclavable, which is fitting for hazardous workspaces that rely on durable storage accessories. 

  • Equip work facilities and home workshops with AkroBin 30250 bundles, which include six bins and six dividers
  • Blue and semi-clear colors are available so that employees can categorize items accordingly
  • Stack-and-hang storage bins save space in the storage room, and they're autoclavable

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