Airex Fitness 120 Exercise Mat


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Featuring a convenient size of just 48 in. x 23 in., this Airex® Fitness 120 exercise mat is useful for group workouts in smaller spaces with limited area. This mat is lightweight and has a soft and comfortable feel. This Airex Fitness 120 mat is slip-proof, preventing slip-and-fall accidents during workouts, making it safe for exercising. It has a ribbed pattern that resists tearing and makes the mat flexible enough for easy rolling and convenient portability. These Airex exercise mats are easy to clean using just soap and water. This mat has in-built sanitary protection so that you don’t have to disinfect it. The mat is available individually or in packs of 20.

  • This Airex Fitness 120 mat has a convenient size, making it ideal for smaller spaces
  • It's lightweight and slip-resistant
  • It's flexible for easy storing and carrying

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