Airex Coronella Exercise Mats


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Execute fitness routines properly and in comfort with AIREX® Coronella exercise mats. They feature a robust closed-cell foam construction for added insulation and moisture resistance to inhibit bacterial growth. Airex exercise mats offer optimal load support and superior cushioning to maximize comfort when performing yoga, Pilates and other floor-based workouts. For increased safety, each mat comes with rounded edges enhanced with antislip properties. When in use, these easy-to-clean and lightweight yoga mats stay completely flat on the surface to prevent tripping hazards. Their roll-up design also enables quick storage in tight spaces. Choose from blue, red or green Airex yoga mats to match your style and personality. Order a single mat or a pack of 10. 

  • Airex exercise mats provide warmth, support and cushioning for maximum comfort
  • A closed-cell foam construction with a nonslip texture improves durability and safety
  • An easy-to-clean surface and roll-up design simplify maintenance and storage

Orders for this item typically ship within 5 business days.

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