Airex Corona Exercise Mats


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Airex® Corona exercise mats feature a wide surface that offers ample space for therapists and patients during physiotherapy sessions. Made with supple cushioning and tough material, they provide enhanced comfort, allowing long-term use in versatile applications, including antenatal exercises. Designed with textured diagonal patterns, Airex exercise mats are tear-resistant. Their unique surface increases flexibility to enable you to roll them up for seamless portability. Treated with antimicrobial components, these hygienic mats resist fungal and bacterial build-up. Their closed-cell foam layout keeps water and dirt from penetrating through the mat to allow use in outdoor and hydrotherapy regimes. You can easily clean Airex fitness mats using water and detergents, saving you time.

  • Made from tough material, Airex exercise mats are durable
  • Their soft cushioning enhances comfort
  • They come treated with antibacterial solutions for hygiene

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