Airex Exercise Mat - Calyana Professional


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Ideal for yoga workouts, this Airex® Calyana professional yoga mat is lightweight and stable. It's soft and cushiony, supporting your joints during yoga or fitness training. This Airex exercise mat provides excellent grip, preventing the risk of slip-fall accidents. Ideal for use at home or in fitness studios, this exercise mat is durable and extra-wide, providing a larger mat area for workouts. This Airex yoga mat is easily cleanable using a moist cloth. It's useful for a variety of different of exercises such as yoga, Pilates, prenatal workouts and stretching. Select a single mat or a pack of six. 

  • This Airex exercise mat is soft and cushiony, supporting your joints during workouts
  • It's ideal for yoga training and other exercise forms like Pilates
  • It's durable and extra-wide

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