AFS-TEX® Active Standing Platform with Foot Roller Balls


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

An anti-fatigue mat designed for standing desk users and active offices. The AFS-TEX Active Platform is a fantastic choice for those who want to get the most out of their standing desk. 20" x 32". Midnight Black. Manufacturers 10 Year Limited Warranty, Color/Finish: Black (NOTE- Ball Color Varies), Material: Polyurethane
  • Advanced ergonomic standing surface. Includes deep a grooved shape in which the massage balls can be rolled and controlled.
  • Control the massage balls with your feet to stimulate movement and blood flow to increase the body's metabolism. Two different ball designs provide addition foot massage when used without foot wear.
  • The cushioned yet supportive standing surface reduces the strain on feet, legs knees & back joints that can be caused through prolonged standing..
  • Built-in anti-microbial active ingredient will not wear away or wash off. Works 24/7 for the life of the product. Ideal for users who like to work without foot wear.
  • Premium gauge polyurethane construction guaranteed not to lose body support over time. Fine anti-microbial polyester covering adds tactile comfort and durability. Anti-slip base for maximum stability in use. Bevelled edging. 10 Year Limited Warranty.

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