African Torso Dual Sex Anatomical Model


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The African torso dual sex anatomical model features a head that’s removable in three parts, for in-depth study. To better understand the stomach, take out its two parts for a clear illustration of how it fits together. The human torso model also features two removable lungs. Study genital organs through interchangeable inserts for each sex. The female genital version includes an embryo for practical study. The 3B Scientific® torso offers a better understanding of the intestinal tract, which comes in four parts. The manufacturer hand paints this model, which is an ideal tool for teaching the location of organs in the human body.

  • The human torso model features high-quality, hand-painted organs
  • The male and female genital inserts allow for a complete study of both sexes
  • This model has multiple removable parts for easy identification and placement of the organs in the human body

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