Adjustable Height Shelf


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Help patients rebuild strength and flexibility post an injury or illness with this adjustable-height shelf that's ideal for vocational, physical and rehabilitation therapists. This shelf helps therapists deliver effective work conditioning and work hardening programs that help patients regain their strength, mobility, motor control and functional abilities. This work-hardening shelf enables patients to perform several job training tasks such as lifting, bending, twisting and more, boosting their confidence to return to the workforce. This shelf includes the base, top shelf and adjustable bottom shelf. Use this work shelf to restore the patients' physical capacity and help them return to their pre-injury work capacity.

  • This adjustable-height shelf is useful for vocational, physical and rehabilitation therapists
  • It helps patients regain strength, flexibility and motor control so they can rejoin work
  • It simulates job tasks like lifting, bending and more

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