Adjustable Angle Rebounder for Plyometric Balls with Rectangular Back


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Enjoy productive workouts by using the adjustable angle rebounder for plyometric balls with a rectangular back. The rebounder returns plyometric exercise balls, matching the throwing speed with high precision. The inclination angle of the adjustable rebounder is between 0 and 42 degrees. Measuring 27" x 27.5", the rectangular surface area offers enough space for effective exercises. It measures 39" diagonally. Multiple springs add proper bounce to the plyometric rebounder, ensuring steady workout sessions. It also functions as a trampoline, with a T-bar for support, if needed.

  • Perform exercises with the adjustable rebounder, which offers a spring design with a precise ball return speed
  • The rebounder, which measures 27" x 27.5" and 39" diagonally, also functions as a trampoline
  • Adjust the inclination angle from 0 to 42 degrees to customize the rebounder surface

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