AcuForce® 2.5 Massage Tool


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

The AcuForce™ 2.5 massage tool is a three-in-one applicator, which is effective for cross-fiber friction and muscle stripping therapies. A narrow point, wide point and wedge constitute the AcuForce 2.5 handheld massage tool structure, which has a skin-like coating. Patients benefit from the trigger point massage tool when you use the wide and narrow points during deep tissue massage therapy. You can apply reflexology and trigger point therapy on any part of the body with these massage therapy tools. Designed using quality material, the AcuForce 2.5 hand held massage tool offers a similar result to hand massage. Ideal for tense muscles and sore spots, these muscle massage tools come with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee from CeilBlue®.

  • Finished with an easy-to-grip skin-like coating that's not slippery when held with massage oils
  • The AcuForce 2.5 massage tool comes with 30-day satisfaction guarantee
  • Trigger point massage tool with three applications in one design

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