Acrylic Combi-Cam Medication Lock Box


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If the security of your patients' medications is a concern, you need an acrylic Combi-Cam medication lock box to ensure your patients' medication safety. With increasing rates of prescription drug abuse, it's more necessary now than ever to have a secure and sturdy place to keep medications.

With this medicine lock box, you now no longer have to worry about medications in a crowded practice or hospital setting going missing. Some medications for rare and difficult-to-treat ailments are very expensive, meaning that if they go missing, a patient may suffer greatly and open up your office to a malpractice suit. Avoid the headaches of keeping tabs on many people who come into contact with rare medications and controlled substances by using this handy lock box.

This lock box features a durable acrylic design, meaning it is both lightweight and able to hold up to whatever stresses and challenges may come your way. Its Combi-Cam lock means you have no need to fumble around with keys that can become lost. As long as you share your combination carefully, you will never have to worry about your keys getting into the wrong hands.

What makes this lock box better than the rest?

This lock box is a great solution for medical practices. Sturdy acrylic construction ensures durability, and its transparent color ensures you can see what's inside. It also easily mounts from the top to wire shelving and medical carts.

Is this lock box acceptable for home use?

It definitely is. If you have small children or other people in your home who you would rather not get into your medication, this lock box is ideal for home use.

What sizes does this lock box come in?

This box comes in two different sizes, a compact edition with dimensions of 8.325 in. x 4.5 in. x 2.875 in. and a small edition with dimensions of 12 in. x 6 in. x 4.25 in.


  • Keep important medication secure with this acrylic Combi-Cam medication lock box
  • Prevent medication abuse by keeping your medication in a controlled environment
  • No need for keys — this box has a combination lock for a simple information-based locking system
  • This box comes in two sizes to fit a wide range of patient needs
  • You can also use this box in the home to keep your medication secure

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