Anatomical Chart - Deformities Of The Feet Laminated


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Use this 3B Scientific® anatomy chart of deformities of the feet, laminated format, to help patients understand podiatric problems. Physical therapists and physicians can demonstrate injuries and treatment options using the chart's depiction of human foot anatomy.

Many practitioners use human anatomy charts and models to improve communication with patients. Visual aids such as this foot anatomy poster often make it easier for lay individuals to understand complicated medical information.

The human foot anatomy chart has an ultraviolet (UV) ray coating that helps prevent fading. It also has eyelets that make the product easy to hang. Use a non-permanent marker to write on the laminated surface and wipe it clean when you're done.

What are the dimensions of this human heel anatomy poster?

The poster is 20 x 25 in. It's just the right size to place on the back of an exam room door or above a physical therapy treatment table.

What kind of lamination does the poster feature?

The 3B foot anatomy poster has 125-micron lamination. This thick coating helps keep the product from rolling up when displayed.


  • Practitioners use the anatomy chart of deformities of the feet, laminated format, to explain podiatric issues to patients
  • It provides a visual aid medical professionals can employ to describe injuries and treatment options
  • The human foot anatomy poster improves patient communication
  • It helps patients visualize and process difficult-to-understand medical information
  • The product features a UV coating that prevents yellowing related to sun exposure
  • This human heel anatomy poster has eyelets to make mounting simple and easy
  • You can write on the laminated surface with a non-permanent pen and wipe your notes clean when finished
  • The poster is 20 in. x 25 in.
  • It features 125-micron lamination to reduce curling when displayed

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