90-Place Tube Rack for 13mm Tubes


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

The manufacturer uses polypropylene to produce this 90-place tube rack for 13mm tubes, increasing its durability. It holds up to 90 test tubes, allowing workers to do several tests at the same time. This test tube rack is autoclavable at 249.8 degrees Fahrenheit for 20 min. and safe to freeze, making it good for different experiments. The two racks arrive flat from the manufacturer, saving on space. These specimen racks are easy to assemble by snapping them together. They're rust-resistant, don’t deform and sink in water baths, making them convenient. The racks are available in different colors that help in sample identification. The dimensions are 9.6 in. long x 4.1 in wide.

  • The polypropylene material makes the racks long-lasting
  • The 90 test tube capacity allows different experiments to occur concurrently
  • The multiple colors of the test tube rack allow color-coding

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