GMR10 Medicine Ball Rack + 4,6,8,10,12,14 LB Medicine Balls


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The Body-Solid® GMR10 4 to 14 lb. medicine ball system comes with six weighted balls, assisting physical therapy patients on their road to recovery. This means that physical therapists looking for a time-tested, low-impact form of exercise for recovering patients have a flexible and dependable option for bringing their patients back to health.

When choosing physical therapy weights, it’s important to select a product that will hold up over time. These GMR10 medicine balls are made out of durable, solid material, and come in different colors corresponding to their sizes, which makes it easier for medical professionals and patients to identify the correct weight.

Physical therapy is not only meant to give injured patients a way of returning to full function. Properly selected physical therapy exercise equipment is also crucial to ensuring a better mental state and quality of life for those patients. These medicine balls are ideal for a patient’s post-injury exercise needs. They allow for weight training on a small scale in a range of ways. Your patients can work many muscle groups through the proper use of medicine balls. This Body-Solid medicine ball system offers a great way for patients to enjoy their trip back to full strength.

Why choose Body-Solid medicine balls for your physical therapy studio?

When selecting physical therapy supplies, giving your patients a range of exercises is essential for their rehabilitation. These medicine balls are a fun and enjoyable way to help muscles rebuild themselves after an injury.

What muscle groups can patients work with a slam ball?

You can work out many muscle groups with a weight ball, from the biceps and triceps to the quadriceps and hamstrings.

How do you keep the balls in place when not in use?

This medicine ball kit comes with a stand that houses each of the six medicine balls for convenient storage.


  • Give your patients essential rehab with these durable, colorful medicine balls
  • The GMR10 medicine ball system comes with six balls ranging from 4 to 14 lb.
  • These medicine balls assist your patients in rehabilitating after an injury
  • Allow your patients to exercise a wide range of muscles
  • With the sturdy stand, you can store your equipment with ease

Take a closer look at our range of physical therapy products and discover why a medicine ball system is a boon to your physical therapy practice.

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