6 Foot Safe Distance Social Distancing Sign


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Use these high visibility, attention-grabbing signs to help ensure safe, social distancing is maintained in your facility. These 6-foot safe distance floor signs clearly indicate the right distance that people should maintain. They are ideal for use in various locations such as stores, medical facilities, and even some restaurants. With an easy-to-use, peel and stick back, you can place these signs on almost any type of flooring surface, or even on walls. Their low profile ensures they don't become a tripping hazard and their sturdy material withstands heavy foot traffic. Both the circular and rectangular high visibility social distancing signs are easy to clean with water and chemicals.

  • 6-foot safe distance floor signs help clearly indicate the appropriate distance that should be maintained between people
  • Perfect for healthcare facilities, grocery stores and retail establishments
  • Safe distancing sign helps ensure people are following proper social distancing protocol
  • Excellent for waiting areas and areas where people need to form a line
  • Resilient material withstands heavy foot traffic and can be cleaned with water and chemicals
  • Low-profile design won't present a tripping hazard
  • Convenient peel-and-stick application
  • High-visibility social distancing signs can be used on virtually all floors and walls
  • Available in two round sizes and a long rectangular format
  • Suitable for indoor use

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