5th Month Twin Fetus Model - Normal Position


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Get this intricately designed twin fetus anatomy model that shows the fetuses in their natural position. A great anatomy tool for prenatal care, this pregnancy fetus model weighs about 1.32 lbs. Remove the twin fetuses and let patients handle them while observing the empty uterus for a realistic feel. Made in Germany by 3B Scientific®, this 20-week twin fetus model is the ideal tool for explaining how two babies fit in a woman's womb. Use this durable item for many sessions without worrying about wear and tear. This realistic twin fetus anatomy model for the second trimester comes with all anatomical structures labeled.

  • 5th month twin fetus model with intricate details of the uterus at 20 weeks pregnancy
  • Weighs about 1.32 lbs., making it easy to handle during prenatal care sessions with expectant mothers
  • Easy to handle and comes with removable twin fetuses for closer patient participation

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