Heart Model - 2x Life-Size 4 part


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A large-sized anatomical model, this heart model, 2x life size, 4-part, shows the anatomy of the human heart in great detail. The large size makes it easy to identify the various structures of the human heart, making this model ideal for large classrooms and lecture halls. This 3D heart model includes hand-painted details that show precise anatomical parts and complex structures of the heart. Parts of the organ, such as the atrium walls and the front heart wall, are removable, allowing an in-depth review. This heart anatomy model is suitable for medical students and comes with a removable stand for easy accessibility.

  • This heart model, 2x life size, 4-part, is good for students and teachers
  • It shows precise anatomical details of the human heart
  • It comes with removable parts, facilitating an in-depth review

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