GMR5 + 8, 10, 12, 14 LB Medicine Balls


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The GMR5 medicine ball set from Body-Solid® consists of four inflatable medicine balls of varying weights, along with a convenient medicine ball rack constructed of durable metal. Athletes and patients use this form of physical therapy exercise equipment to tone core muscles and increase muscle strength and endurance. Medicine balls are suitable for strengthening all muscle groups, and users can be sitting, standing or lying down. The balls have a textured surface for better grip, while their all-rubber construction enhances bounce. 

Weight balls are similar to basketballs, although with a heavier construction. Use exercise balls as well as physical therapy weights for building upper arm strength. Their durable rubber construction means they're ideal for bouncing and throwing, while their soft exterior means they're easy to hold and catch when used as slam balls.

What's the right size weight ball?

Ball size varies with weight, and it's important to choose one that offers the best combination of size, weight and resistance while avoiding balls that are too heavy for your body strength and the type of exercise performed. This set is comprised of balls between 8 lbs. and 14 lbs. and is best suited for able-bodied men and stronger females. When used for patient rehabilitation it may be better to start with lighter physiotherapy balls from Body-Solid, or similar CanDo® products for physical therapy

How do you adjust the amount of bounce?

Because Body-Solid medicine balls are inflatable, the internal air pressure is adjustable to suit the application. Increase the air pressure for greater bounce, or reduce it for better grip when performing static or physical workout exercises. Also, it may be necessary to re-inflate balls after long periods of extended use.

Key features of Body-Solid Medicine balls:

  • They have durable rubber construction that enhances bounce
  • You can adjust the internal air pressure to improve bounce and handling
  • The GMR5 medicine ball weights include 8, 10, 12 and 14 lbs.
  • A convenient metal storage rack provides easy access to the balls
  • They may be used as weights for strengthening upper body
  • They may be used as a slam ball

Choose multi-purpose Body-Solid medicine balls from CeilBlue™ for all forms of exercise and patient rehabilitation.

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