3BTape Kinesiology Tape 2" x 16'


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Featuring an innovative fabric made with cotton and rayon, this 3BTAPE kinesiology tape 2" x 16' is latex-free and hypoallergenic. This tape boosts circulation and lymphatic drainage, useful in treating bruises, swelling, sprains and more. Ideal for healing sports injuries, this medical kinesiology tape reduces pain and discomfort, while providing higher endurance for athletes. It's water-resistant so that it won’t peel off in the shower, pool or sauna. This cotton kinesiology tape has a skin-friendly acrylic adhesive on one side that wicks away sweat and moisture, making it super comfortable to wear. It's available in a variety of colors like blue, green and pink.

  • This medical kinesiology tape features a blend of cotton and rayon
  • It helps heal injuries, sprains, bruises and more
  • It feels comfortable on the skin

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