3B MICROanatomy Tongue


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Ideal for a detailed study of the human tongue, this 3B® MICROanatomy™ tongue model is highly comprehensive. It includes several important parts of the tongue, enlarged to various sizes in a single model. This tongue anatomy model displays the sensory and sensitive parts of the tongue. Showcasing a life-sized view of the tongue in a dorsal position, this model also includes small-sized views of the various papillae of the human tongue and a taste bud. A hands-on tool for patient and student education, this human tongue model is a great fit for anatomy classrooms and doctors' offices. It's base-mounted for easy accessibility.

  • This tongue anatomy model is useful for an in-depth study of the human tongue
  • It shows macroscopic and microscopic views of the various parts of the tongue, such as papillae and taste buds
  • It includes several parts of the tongue in a single model

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