3B MICROanatomy Muscle


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Enhance teaching and learning methods with the 3B® MICROanatomy™ muscle fiber model in full color. It makes hands-on education highly accurate, more engaging and convenient in laboratory settings and academic environments. This high-quality 3B muscle model features a three-dimensional view of a striped skeletal muscle fiber, including the neuromuscular end plate. It depicts hand-painted muscular components at approximately 10,000 times magnification for detailed examination. To ensure safe use and handling, 3B Scientific designs this muscle fiber anatomy model using a nontoxic material. Display this replica on any horizontal surface for clear and easy observation. A sturdy white base adds stability for optimal support.

  • The 3B muscle fiber anatomy model demonstrates a magnified and detailed version of a skeletal muscle fiber for high accuracy 
  • It's made of a nontoxic material to promote safe use
  • It comes mounted on a base for increased stability and support

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