3B MICROanatomy Eye


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The 3B MICROanatomy™ Eye model from 3B Scientific® offers an in-depth view of the anatomical structures found in the human eye. The left-hand side of the model represents the retina, parts of the sclera and the associated vascular layer at 850x magnification. The right-hand side of the 3B eye model focuses on the photoreceptors and pigmentation layer at 3,800x magnification. This 3D visual aid comes premounted for easy display in a classroom or doctor's office. Couple the 3B eye model with free access to the 3B Smart Anatomy app and companion course to further learning and understanding.

  • Observe the micro-structures found in the human eye using a 3D model at 850x and 3,800x magnification
  • Learn about the retina, sclera, photoreceptors and other eye structures
  • Display the 3B Microanatomy eye in a classroom or doctor's office to spark curiosity

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