Deluxe Flexible Spine with Femur Heads


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Improve demonstrations of human anatomy by choosing the deluxe flexible spine with femur heads. It looks similar to the classic spine model, with the exception that it has a sacral opening and visible brain stem. With brain stem details in this flexible spine model, students can learn about advanced studies of our brain with a visual representation. Femur heads are the "ball" in the hip area, which improves hip motion. Mounting is flexible throughout the spinal section to accommodate teachers. Other parts include the full male pelvis, occipital plate and spinal nerve exits. With no minimum on orders, smaller medical facilities can order a desirable number of this product. 

  • Create informative lectures and demonstrations with flexible spine models, which include the brain stem area and a sacral opening
  • Countless details ensure a realistic representation of human anatomy
  • Spine model parts include an occipital plate, pelvis and spinal nerve exits

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