3 Part Skin Model


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Educate medical students by displaying the educational three-part skin model, which is 80 times magnified for clear representation. One part of the skin model includes replications of the human scalp. Instructors can take the human skin model apart via magnetic connectors, which enable simple adjustments. The human scalp section features root sheath and hair follicles, providing valuable details. Papillary and reticular layers allow students to acquire a deep understanding of a human palm. The 3-part skin model includes microscopic structures such as tactile corpuscles, nerves and vessels. 

  • Equip educational facilities with the human skin model, which shows all layers of the skin, along with nerves and vessels
  • Skin model parts include the human scalp, palm and back of the hand 
  • Users can disassemble the human skin model due to practical magnetic connectors 

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