Ghent 2"x2" Grid Magnetic Whiteboard


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Made in the United States, the Ghent® 2" x 2" Grid Magnetic Whiteboard features visually enhanced graphics to help you make interactive presentations. Fitted with a sleek aluminum frame, this whiteboard has neutral gray graphics that blend seamlessly with many interior settings. dry-erase marker text on this magnetic whiteboard with grid lines is easy to erase, helping you move quickly across various topics. The 2" x 2" grids make this board a useful educational tool, ideal for creating graphs and diagrams for better visual representation. This magnetic grid board doesn'’t absorb ink, preventing staining or ghosting.

  • This magnetic whiteboard with grid lines helps you create graphs and diagrams
  • Visually enhanced graphics help you deliver effective presentations
  • This magnetic whiteboard resists staining and ghosting

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