2 Tier Vertical Dumbbell Rack with Rubber Hex Dumbell Set 5-30LBS


Meet all your facility's free weight strength training needs with this Body-Solid® two-tier vertical dumbbell rack with rubber hex dumbbells 5 to 30 lbs. The weights in this rubber dumbbell set with rack start at 5 lbs. and increase in 5 lb. increments, providing a range of equipment sufficient to meet the needs of busy physical therapy and rehabilitation medicine practices. Many medical professionals include physical therapy weights in treatment protocols.

The six-sided design of the weights included in this vertical dumbbell rack with dumbbells ensures the weights won't accidentally roll when you place them on the floor. This maximizes safety and increases facility efficiency.

Each weight in this rubber dumbbell set with rack features a contoured chrome handle to maximize patient comfort during use. The rubber end-cap of these dumbbells prominently displays the item's weight, making it easy for patients and therapists to find the right product.

Is the rack made of steel?

Yes. The Body-Solid vertical dumbbell rack has heavy-gauge steel that keeps the product steady when patients and staff remove and replace dumbbells. 

What's the advantage of a vertical rack?

You can place a vertical rack anywhere you like without having to worry about mounting it on a wall. This vertical dumbbell rack with dumbbells gives facilities that use physical therapy exercise equipment more flexibility when it comes to therapy room layouts and allows you to quickly move the product to a new location during expansion and renovation.


  • The Body-Solid two-tier vertical dumbbell rack with rubber hex dumbbells 5 to 30 lbs. is a complete free weight solution
  • The set includes six pairs of weights and a rack
  • The weights in the set start at 5 lbs. and go up to 30 lbs., increasing in 5 lb. increments
  • Weights have six sides, so they stay put when patients or staff place them on the ground
  • The weights in this rubber dumbbell set with rack have contoured handles to increase patient comfort during use
  • Each dumbbell has easy-to-read weight markings
  • The rack's steel construction reduces the chance of tip-overs when removing or replacing weights

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