2-Pocket Zip-Closure Biohazard Specimen Bags


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Designed with a vibrantly colored symbol on the front, the two-pocket zip-closure biohazard specimen bags are easily identifiable for safe handling. Made of tough and thick material, they offer increased durability. They come with two compartments to enable the separation of specimens from documents, preventing costly mishaps. The designated paperwork pocket features a flap, which avoids accidental document loss. These clear biohazard bags offer an unobstructed view, allowing easy identification of contents. Equipped with a strong zip-style closure and built-in absorbent pad, they provide secure liquid specimen storage for leak-free transportation. You can open the bags easily from their built-in tear line to save time. Printed in bold font, their handling instructions come in English and Spanish for increased versatility.

  • Brightly labeled, biohazard specimen bags alert handlers
  • Their two-pocket layout prevents document loss
  • With built-in zip lock, they can hold liquids

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