2-Pocket Biohazard Specimen Bags


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Featuring Micro-Tex® polyethylene material, these 2-pocket biohazard specimen bags allow a firm grip, preventing slipping while handling. They are latex-free and remain firmly closed even in highly compressed pneumatic environments. These biohazard specimen bags feature a separate pouch for documents and paperwork. This mitigates the risk of cross-contamination and loss or separation of paperwork from the sample. These bags are available in a pack of 500. The biohazard symbol on each bag warns personnel to be careful while handling the specimen inside, enhancing the safety of your staff.

  • This biohazard specimen bag keeps specimens firmly closed inside
  • It features Micro-Tex polyethylene material for slip-free handling
  • It includes a separate pouch to keep paperwork separate from the sample