XPOWER FC-300 2100 CFM Multipurpose 14" Diameter Pro Air Circulator


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

This XPOWER® 2100 CFM multipurpose 14" diameter pro air circulator works at a rate of 2,100 cubic feet per minute (CFM) while it draws 1.5 amps, making it energy efficient. The grill design of this powerful industrial fan focuses the airflow up to 170 ft., enabling it to cover a large volume. This XPower fan is stackable up to five units for easy storage. It has a four-speed operating switch and a three-hour, set-and-forget timer to assist in operating. Adjust the stand as needed to direct airflow in any direction. This industrial air circulator has a grab-to-go handle and a wraparound cord design for ease of portability. It's CETL®-certified, ensuring its safety.

  • The grill design of the XPower fan focuses its large volume of airflow
  • Its stackability and grab handle make it easy to move and store
  • This powerful fan features four speeds and a three-hour timer

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