12 Pairs Vinyl Dumbbells 1-15lbs, with GDR24 Rack


Give patients the tools they need to perform a variety of conditioning and recovery routines with 12 pairs of vinyl dumbbells, 1 to 15 lb., with GDR24 rack set. The weights feature a colorful vinyl coating that is durable and attractive. The heavy-duty steel stand helps keep your treatment area clear of obstructions and organizes your physical therapy weights when they're not in use. Additionally, the vinyl dumbbell set with rack is compact, which saves valuable floor space in your facility.

Each dumbbell has its weight stamped on the end of the plate for clarity. All the weights in this 12-pair vinyl-coated dumbbell set are also color-coded for easy equipment identification. The hex-shape of the dumbbells keeps them from rolling around when on the floor.

The A-shaped vinyl dumbbell rack has hooked supports to hold each weight in an individual cradle to help prevent mishaps. The solid steel construction of the rack ensures stability. This piece of physical therapy exercise equipment is rated for home and commercial use.

What weight sizes do aerobics dumbbells with rack come in?

This product includes 12 pairs of different sized weights, ranging from 1 lb. to 10 lb. in 1-lb. increments. A pair of 12 lb. and 15 lb. dumbbells round out the set.

How big is the dumbbell storage rack?

This rack is 26-in. wide, 52-in. high and 29-in. long. The all-steel unit weighs 34 lb. and holds up to 24, 1 to 15 lb. dumbbells.


  • The vinyl-coated dumbbell set with rack includes 12 pairs of dumbbells
  • The heavy-duty stand has individual hooked cradles that combine easy access with safe storage
  • Vinyl-coated dumbbells are easy to handle and color-coded by weight
  • Clear weight markings stamped into each dumbbell make it easy for patients to find the equipment they need
  • Hex-shaped dumbbells won't roll away when you put them down
  • Solid-steel construction ensures this vinyl dumbbell rack provides many years of reliable service
  • The set contains a pair of 1 to 10, 12 and 15 lb. dumbbells
  • The 26-in. wide, 52-in. high, 29-in. long, steel storage rack has space for up to 24 individual dumbbells

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