10" Superbelt with Steels - White


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Deliver optimal lower back support with the Bilt-Rite 10" superbelt with steels — white. Two pliable aluminum stays and a removable pressure pad offer flexibility if you require focused compression on the lumbar region. This white back support belt features a 10" high back panel that tapers down in front to 6" for a contoured fit. For increased stability, five stays help limit excessive movements in the area. This elastic lumbosacral support belt uses a premium flannel material for long-wearing comfort. Adjust the tightness for extra abdominal support using the two 3" overlapping straps. This lumbosacral belt comes in varying sizes to meet individual needs.

  • The Bilt-Rite lumbosacral support belt includes two aluminum stays and a pressure pad for customized compression
  • Five stays stabilize the lumbar area to minimize unnecessary movements
  • A stretchable, high-quality flannel construction enhances wearer comfort and fit

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