Using bulletin boards to communicate with patients

Communication boards are useful medical practice supplies to improve patient satisfaction and communication between the care team, the patient and their family. Typically, they contain information like care goals, the forecasted discharge date and the medication the patient is taking. In some cases, the patient and their family can use the board themselves to make notes of questions and concerns so the medical staff can see them and address them. The staff can also use the whiteboard to track hourly round results. This helps reassure the family of the patient as they see that their sick relative is properly taken care of. Hang the board on medical practice furniture or walls. 

Using boards to communicate with your staff

A board is an effective way to communicate with employees. It's the right place to post workplace policies, safety procedures, notices regarding paychecks, federal employment regulations and other important information. The more effort you put into organizing the board, the more effective it will be at keeping all employees on the same page and letting them know important information. Employees can also use it to notify the employer when they're about to run out of medical office supplies.