Important veterinary tools for delivering outstanding care

Equipping your practice with the right veterinary clinic supplies ensures you can diagnose and treat pet patients. An exam table is an important tool for diagnosing a sick pet. Depending on your practice, there are numerous vet exam tables to choose from, including electric or hydraulic varieties with adjustable height settings. Unlike standard exam tables, veterinary exam tables offer greater ease of cleaning and disinfecting.

A veterinary stethoscope is a useful tool since it allows you to get past all that fur and muscle to hear the heart and lungs of any animal. This significant veterinary medical equipment has special acoustic cups to help you hear the animal clearly. 

Labels are important for veterinary care

Clinic and hospital environments require an accurate system of information communication, which makes medical labels a vital tool. In veterinary practice, collection labels, exam room labels, syringe labels, cage stickers, cage cards and lab sticker labels find multiple uses. Since medical labels have a broad range of applications in a veterinary practice, they must be durable. Medical labels must be able to survive the challenging settings within a veterinary clinic, including low temperatures, use of cleaning solvents and damp environments.

Veterinary office supplies ensure the smooth operation of your practice

A well-organized administrative unit can handle scheduling, billing, insurance tracking, patient calls, prescription refills and many other tasks efficiently. Organizers, mail sorters, storage units and file holders are important medical office supplies that make it easy for your front office staff to organize and manage crucial patient information. Investing in veterinary stationery supplies ensures your staff can work effectively.

Most vet clinics require a steady supply of printer supplies to print out various forms relating to patient care and privacy. While replacing toner cartridges frequently may prove very expensive, remanufactured toner cartridges are an affordable choice for busy offices. Ergonomically designed office furniture such as chairs, tables and desks provide a comfortable work environment for your staff and nurses. Furnish your waiting room with comfortable guest chairs for pet owners as they wait for their pet's examination.

At CeilBlue™, we offer medical practice supplies that help your clinic deliver superior quality pet care and excellent customer service. Medical supplies, stationery, furniture and more ― we have several products that will keep your veterinary practice running smoothly.