Sign holders and safety communication boards help to create a safety culture at the workplace

Sign holders and stands allow creating a safety communication board to display safety procedures and other important messages. Most models can hold paper sheets of different sizes, including letter size, so the employer can simply print out a sign from any printer and display it in common areas. 

These sign holders have different designs to blend seamlessly with several decor styles. When it is time for employers to change safety rules or procedures, switching sheets is quick and easy.

Safety signs are an essential tool for workplace safety

Safety signs are necessary to communicate potential hazards to the employees and reinforce the safety procedures they learnt during training. In the U.S., safety signs must abide to OSHA regulations and the ANSI format.

For example, these signs must follow a specific color code. Red signals an immediate major hazard, which may cause serious injury. Orange is for warning tags that signal a hazardous situation. Yellow signals a minor hazard, while blue indicates important safety-related information. This standard color code makes it easier for the employees to understand immediately what the sign means. 

OSHA/ANSI signs also use a standardized language for easier comprehension. Words like "danger," "warning," "notice," "caution" and similar are classified based on the severity of the hazard. Safety symbols and pictograms reinforce the message of the sign and let the staff know about the danger at a glance, overcoming language barriers. 

Floor signs display safety messages in an intuitive way

Employers across many industries use floor signs to warn staff about potential hazards, control crowds, and lead people to fire exits. Most of these signs range from 12 in. to 32 in. in size, so the message is widely visible. Peel-and-stick signs are durable and easy to use. There are also convenient. lightweight fold-up signs. Employees can easily move them to different places as needed. 

Floor marking tape is another efficient way to signal potential hazards, mark emergency exit routes and control crowds, encouraging employees and visitors to follow safety guidelines. It usually comes in bright colors for optimal visibility even in low-light environments.

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