Safety and infection control safeguards staff and patients

Protect healthcare facilities from infectious diseases by keeping the area clean and sanitized with hospital-grade disinfectants. Include personnel protection equipment (PPE) for clinics, hospitals and nursing homes to stop infectious viruses, illnesses and germs. Create accessible sanitation stations with face masks, exam gloves and antibacterial hand sanitizers to remind all of the importance of prevention. Offer medical staff face shields and gloves to prevent the risk of infection or cross-contamination during procedures. Place PPE dispensers around hospitals and doctor offices as functional storage units that supply protective gear like gowns, caps, shoe covers and masks.

Biohazard shields and splash guards prevent the spread of infection

Ensure staff and patient safety by implementing shields and guards when taking care of biohazardous materials. Use a splash guard or biohazard shield to keep bodily fluids from splattering unrestrained to avoid an extensive cleaning and sanitation process. Consider a portable sneeze guard for the reception areas to greet patients safely. Some guards and shields have suction cups to help hold them in place for stability. Wrap-design shields come in multiple shapes and designs to handle any challenge a doctor's office might face.

Provide face shields to reduce infection transmission

Support hospital staff and patients by ensuring they wear PPE gear, such as safety glasses, to protect their faces. Splash shields protect the face from body fluids without blocking the view of the patient. Consider supplying personnel with face shields that have a drape to protect splashes from hitting under the shield. Included are fasteners to keep the drape attached to the fabric to hug under the chin. They meet Occupational Safety and Health Administration's (OSHA's) regulations for bloodborne pathogens. Supply the staff with full-coverage disposable face shields that completely cover the face and allow a full field of vision. They come with adjustable straps to fit most users. Look at the extensive selection of infection and safety control products at CeilBlue™ to supply your staff and patients. Browse these and other safety supplies for ideas of what your hospital or doctor's office may need for full protection.