Smart, State-Of-The-Art Physician Scales

The digital age of medical diagnostic equipment has freed up practitioners to spend less time preparing and shuffling hard-copy diagnostic charts and more time on what those charts indicate. Most medical scales are computer-compatible for EMR record-keeping with USB, proprietary wireless or Bluetooth®-enabled connectivity.

Patient Level Accuracy, Physician-Friendly Functions

To provide high-quality, progressive patient care, physicians require medical supplies with features indispensable to any diagnostic setting. All our physician scales provide premium accuracy, with fine weight graduations down to 0.2 lbs. on platform scales, and 1 gram or 1 oz. on neonatal tray scales. Scales also feature lb./kg conversion options and sensor lock-in weight measurements on platforms when patient stabilization is conclusive.

In addition, tare settings are available for precision measurement by subtracting the weight of patient accessories, such as newborn blankets on neonatal scale trays or patient mobility devices for roll-on wheelchair scales. Other physician scale features include time-date recording, recall functions to retrieve previous records, EMR-send buttons and old functions to capture weight-measurement displays for as long as it takes to help patients off scales.

For practitioners, medical weight scales come with advanced LED or TFT-LCD user-friendly screens with high-contrast displays for clear visuals, even in subdued lighting like neonatal settings. Some screens swivel to 350 degrees, providing a visual of indicators at almost any angle while also protecting patient privacy in group diagnostic settings.

Medical Scale Design With Patients Foremost in Mind

All available medical scale platforms are rugged and stable, with textured or nonslip surfaces. A variety of platform dimensions are available for specific hospital, facility or practice patients. Wheelchair platforms are particularly accessible, with easy roll-up and off ramps, and include handrails for extra assistance. All neonatal scale trays are scooped to keep babies from rolling.

Accuracy Innovations With Facility and Hospital Scales

Like any medical instrument, accuracy is key. Two types of medical weight scales offer advanced solutions for ensuring precise weight measurements. Neonatal scales come with sensors that capture the exact weight even while babies are fidgeting in their tray. Some offer integrated tape measures so practitioners can check the baby’s height simultaneously while measuring weight. “Live” handrail assemblies on waist-high medical weight scales are also available for bariatric or semi-ambulatory patients. The contoured handrails extend outward so patients can grab the rails for support in mounting the scale, and they gradually taper around the platform to give patients the most comfortable option for placing their hands to stabilize themselves. Not only do the handrails minimize the risk of falling but also ensure the most accurate weight measurement for those with limited mobility.

Check out CeilBlue for the entire range of scales for weight-height-BMI diagnostic measures that are safe for patients, convenient for practitioners and accurate for EMR recording.