Physical therapy essentials improve performance health

Maintain a professional office or hospital practice by using physical therapy supplies that assist the delivery of your services. Medical furniture is crucial for any thriving practice, so patients receive the needed comfort for healing. Consider medical exam tables, physical therapy parallel bars, and work activity tables to furnish a standardized center. Consider the broad selection of furniture that accommodates a physical therapy environment. Look at rehab stairs with handrails to help patients strengthen their leg muscles while learning how to balance their weight. Try the curb and ramp training set as a mobility and ambulation training exercise for those who need help to adjust to the use of a walker, wheelchair, cane or crutches.

A comfortable massage table helps patients heal

Deliver an effective massage session by using the right table. They help you provide a vital service to patients. Included are stationary and portable tables to provide treatments at the office or off-site at sports facilities or for housebound patients. Consider massage chairs as they're portable and can help with relieving neck, shoulder, arm and back discomfort. Massage supplies are necessary so that the patient can feel comfortable during the bodywork. Some tables come with removable shoulder and head supports to help patients who need to lie face down or need extended shoulder support. 

Provide daily aids to help patients heal better at home

Encourage patients to continue their physical therapy exercises beyond the office or gym by offering home gym supplies. Provide extras, such as resistance bands, exercise balls and foam rollers, that patients can take home. Once they learn how to use foam rollers, they'll want to try them at home to assist in relieving inflammation, soreness and tightness. Offer daily living aids to patients who need a little more help in getting around the shower or kitchen. Show them how to use a walker or cane during their physical therapy and let them put the tool to use while at home or out shopping. Encourage them to use a memory foam wedge to cushion their lower back while they sit. CeilBlue™ has a large selection of physical therapy products for you to provide to your patients. Consider the available physical therapy products to get an idea of what your practice or department may require.